Together We're Orange

Qatar 2022: The most discussed World Cup ever. And for all the wrong reasons. Played at the worst possible venue without any football soul or human conscience. Albert Heijn is the long time sponsor of the Dutch national team and found themselves in an impossible position. Drop your support to the team and say nothing, or show support to a world cup that is plain wrong. We set out to walk this impossible tightrope. Keeping it very, very small and human instead of going theatrical and big. By showing how we try to do better as a country. As one country. Because even though there is still a lot to be done and improve, the unity that the Dutch team creates throughout all corners of the country is something to be incredibly proud of.


Client: Albert Heijn x KNVB
Agency: TBWA\Neboko
CCO: Darre van Dijk
Creative Director: Matthijs Slot
Creatives: Lennart Schoterman, Richard Bushoff
Prod.Company: Holy Fools
Director: Johan Kramer
Music: Amp. Amsterdam
Post: Ambassadors

Everyone becomes one when we play.


Director: Johan Kramer (Holy Fools)


"Albert Heijn launches
'appropriately modest'
world cup campaign."


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